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Shoe sizing consistency?

It’s normally clothes that we have trouble with, since there’s no consistent size guides anywhere in the world.

Usually with European to US sizing, there’s about a half size discrepancy, with some people saying a 34 is equivalent to a size 3 kids, or 4 Ladies, and some people claiming the same with a 35.

Normally the Japanese size is spot on, because it’s an actual measurement, and it gets pushed over to the others well. But even then, I can be a 4, 4.5 or a 5 in ladies shoes, depending on the brand.

Normally when it comes to kids, they’re much more consistent. I’m a 3 in almost every brand. Until today.

I was going to order some crocs for the galley kitchen, because the Sperry’s I got are super uncomfortable. (Well, the ONE I can wear right now with the brace on the other foot) and I really wanted the Birkenstock Boston’s, but apparently they’re not currently being made in size 34.

So other yacht chefs told me the crocs were good, so I got online yesterday and was looking around, and then thought I better print out their size guide, just in case.

I’m glad I did, because I’d have ordered a size 3, and according to their size chart, I’m closer to a size 5, which I have never been anywhere else before in youth sizes. Unless they just skip the overlap and go straight from kids to adults, which would make them both unique and awesome. But, their guide says it’s a Junior 5, so then I’m confused again.

Crocs printout shoe guide

The Birkenstocks I ordered came with a handy size guide inside their box, so I decided to compare them. They’re not even close.

According to the Birkenstock guide, I’m a 34, and owning a pair, I can tell you they fit perfectly. They correlate the size as
EU 34 – US 3-3.5 – UK 2 – MM 220 so according to this, I should be a size 3 in US sizes, maybe a 3.5

Birkenstock guide from inside their shoe box.

But the crocs printout tells me I’m a 5 when I step on it. I actually went and put the quarter on the circle just to make sure it was printed to scale.

Just to make it more confusing, the chart has the conversions as well, and according to that, I am also a size 3…. so now I don’t know whether to believe the conversion chart, or the foot foot measuring chart.

I guess I’ll just have to go to a real store and try some on and see.

Anyone else have this problem? Crocs or any other brand?


Online size conversion guide for Crocs

I probably shouldn’t have pulled the foot out of the sock and brace for this photo, they’re look pretty gnarly! Excuse the ugly foot. 🦶

The not so fashionable boot

The not so fashionable boot

It’s not quite a fashion statement.

I’ve had a pain in my ankle for a bit that comes and goes, and this week it really hurt.

I went to my chiropractor, and he said it was time to see a specialist. One of my friends in Australia is a podiatrist, and she agreed on seeing someone local, since she couldn’t squish it over messenger.

It turns out I’ve got posterior tibial tendonitis, and apart from being on the same ankle that I broke pretty badly as a kid, the Dr said the biggest culprit was probably shitty shoes with no support. Which totally makes sense when you’ve got small feet, and it’s super hard to find adult shoes with proper arch support. Kids shoes don’t seem to have any, which is silly, given that kids feet are growing and need to be healthy too.

So while I sit on the couch, with this ridiculously large and heavy thing on my leg, I’m going back down the rabbit hole of finding petite shoes that actually fit, and that are also good for your feet. There will be no more, “I wear a 34, but the smallest you have is a 35, so I’ll make it work” or wearing a crap kids shoe with flat insoles.

A few years ago if someone said to me orthopedic shoes, I’d have died of how ugly they all are. But I’m surprised now at just how cute shoes with decent support have become. Now it’s just weeding through those and finding shoes that are both supportive and come in small sizes.

I broke down and got a pair of Birkenstocks this week. I had always thought them kinda ugly, but they’ve actually got some nice styles, although I was sad that their really cute wedges didn’t go small enough for me. Their kids arizona shoe, which is the one everyone instantly recognizes is damn comfortable though, and with the adjustable straps, can fit even a swollen foot. The best part is that their adult and child shoe has the exact same foot bed, so you don’t need to feel like you’re getting an inferior product by purchasing the kids size.

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I wear a size 34 EU (or a 3 kids, a 2 UK, or 4.5 ladies US.)⠀ ⠀ That means it’s really fucking hard to find shoes. 👞 👟 👠 ⠀ ⠀ It’s hard buying them online, cause you never know if they’re really going to fit, or if they’re comfortable. ⠀ ⠀ Everyone always says “Oh, but you can buy kids shoes, and they’re way cheaper” but kids shoes have zero support, and they’re actually a different shape. I have high arches, and most kids shoes are just flat inside. ⠀ ⠀ So I’ve done something to my ankle, and I go to the podiatrist tomorrow to see how bad it is. ⠀ ⠀ Meanwhile, the interwebs have told me that Birkenstock’s, as fugly as they are, are actually really good for your feet. ⠀ So I swung by the mall, saw them in the kids dept for $54, and thought, well, let me go look at the adults and see if they have them, and if they’re any different. ⠀ ⠀ The smallest they had was a 35, and it was $158.⠀ ⠀ So I walked back over to the kids, tried on the 34, couldn’t see any difference in the shape or footbed, and paid 1/3 of the price . ⠀ ⠀ So today having shrimp sized feet paid off. 👍🏽⠀ ⠀ Anybody else got these ugly shoes? Are they really as amazing as people say? I got several recommendations for them in the Boston mule style for the galley. ⠀ ⠀ #shrimpfeet #smallfeet #littlefeet #smallpeopleproblems #birkenstocks #petite #petitefeet #smallshoes ⠀

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It only took me a couple hours to go from thinking they were fugly to me thinking they’re quite adorable.

I’m going to be making a list of brands or online stores where you can find not only petite shoes, but ones that are actually good for your feet. Cause what’s the point in wearing an adorable pageant shoe if it means you’ll end up in this stupid boot?

Leave your favourite shoes in the comments below and help your fellow shrimps out.

Here’s a link to the petite shoe sources page with what I have found so far. I’ll keep updating it as I find more.

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