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Planting Trees at the Ranch

Planting Trees at the Ranch

plant label for Australian Outback Plants Red Gum

We were a day late for Earth Day, but we spent Saturday out at the ranch, finally planting all the Australian Eucalyptus trees I bought a couple months ago.

The ranch is full of red dirt, with mesquite and cactus, but it could easily double in a movie for Outback Australia. It’s over 100 acres, and Matt’s parents are doing some wildlife management on most of it, but we decided on the acre where we camp to plant a little bit of home, so I bought some Australian natives.

After doing a search on the interwebs for Australian Natives, I came across Australian Outback Plants who had a huge variety of Aussie natives. I messaged them to get advice on what would grow best in my area, and the my surprise, the owner called me back. Paul Chambers is another Aussie Expat, who started with a bag full of seeds, and now sells plants to all the major stores in the US. Yet, he still called me back personally, and we had a good chat about the land, the soil, the weather, and he said if I made a list of what I wanted, he was doing a trip through Texas the following week, and would deliver them himself on the way. 

That was a couple of months back, and Paul delivered my 11 trees, and gave me two baby ones, out of a massive semi trailer on his way to Houston. We were still having major freezes, so we put them in the greenhouse at Matt’s parents house, until a couple weekends ago, when everything started to bloom at the ranch. Apparently once the mesquite blooms, the freezes are done. The cactus is covered in flowers too, and I’m looking forward to prickly pears soon!


cactus flower

So we pulled out the bobcat, put the driller on it, and dug some holes.

We bought a bunch of dirt, because you’re supposed to plant them with 50/50 good soil, and whatever they’re growing in. We got them all in the ground in one day thanks to modern machinery, and then we used our water tank to go around and give them all a good drink. 

Hopefully we get some good rain this year, so they can all grown big and beautiful. I strategically planted them all so that I could see most from our outdoor sitting area, with the bigger ones west of the camp, to provide some summer shade. 

For our first set, I also bought all different kinds of Eucalypts, so we can see which ones do the best, and then get more of those later. 

We also put little cages around them all, because one of the miniature donkeys had found them very tasty, and was ripping whole limbs off some of them. – Bad donkey!

If you’re in the US, and looking for some Australian Natives, call Paul at Australian Outback Plants. Their website is super comprehensive, and has good details on each plant. They’re also on Facebook. He’s also a really nice bloke, and I’d buy from him again any day. He sells to Lowes and Home Depot, but I’d rather give my money to a supplier directly. 👍 The plantation is out of Arizona, so if you’re in the south, might be a pretty easy trip to get some plants, otherwise, they will ship them to you. 


Customize your own shoe

Customize your own shoe

I’m an absolute sucker for a wingtip shoe, and while I love the traditional black and white, I squeal like a little girl when I see a fabulous bright color combo. The biggest problem is nobody makes the color combo ones in smaller sizes. Or at least I thought.

This week, Travel Fashion Girl sent out a newsletter with a bunch of golf related outfits, including shoes. I hadn’t thought about the fact that if you can walk for hours on the course in a shoe, it’s probably comfortable enough to be out sightseeing in. There’s lots of casual looking golf shoes these days, but I really like the old school dressy ones.

So I was searching around, and looking for traditional golf wingtip shoes in kids sizes, which didn’t appear to be a thing. But I did find a site with size 5 golf shoe at FootJoy, and then I discovered, you could customize them, to have any combination you wanted, and then your shoes would be YOUR shoes!

I played around, and I think this might be my dream shoe.

Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re custom, and it’s golf, so it’s not going to be cheap. But it’s probably worth paying extra to have something that exactly what you’re always dreamed of, not just getting something you kind of like… For me, the fact they make a size 5, instead of starting at a 6 like most people is a big deal. They also come in narrow, medium and wide widths.

It’s not just the wingtip either, there’s a couple different styles of shoes that you can customize, and they can be in your hands (or on your feet) in 2-4 weeks. Design your own or make give someone an amazing gift.

Here’s a more casual sneaker style I played with.

Do you know of anyone else that lets you customize your shoes like this? Leave a comment below.

Just FYI, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just thought it was really cool.

Hello world!

Hello world!

Starting Over!

Sometimes in life you just need a do over. Or a fresh start. Or to try something new.

I started life as a fashion model, went to acting, wrote a book, and now I’m going to come full circle back to fashion, with my own fashion blog, and hopefully soon, my own apparel.

This site is geared towards the Shrimps like me. As a 4’11” petite, who wears a size 34 shoe, I know the very real struggle of getting clothes to fit, without a trip to the tailor.