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Lilly does Tennis!

Get Ready for Gifts with Purchase!


How cute in the new Lilly Pulitzer swim line?

It’s almost Summer, and it’s already swim season in Palm Beach.

Lilly is also gearing up for the Tennis season, and will be celebrating the line with gifts with purchase.

Purchase a tennis item (Applies to dress, skirt, top, jacket and tote in tennis capsule) and receive a limited edition tennis towel while supplies last. Valid 5.24 – 6.16

With every $75 Spend, get Stackable 16oz Tumblers in 4 different motifs. Limited to 4 tumblers per purchase. Valid 5.26 – 5.28

Shop Summer New Arrivals, starting 5/24!

So keep an eye out at Lilly Pulitzer for the new gear.

Lilly Pulitzer New arrivals

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TABS Bermuda is turning Five!

Happy Birthday TABS!

We all know my love for Bermuda, and also, the classic Bermuda short.

I’ve been to Bermuda three times now, and each time, my first port of call was the TABS Bermuda store. I show my husband all the colors and I pick which one I’m going to buy myself on that trip. I don’t go crazy, I use the one each trip as an excuse to go back again to get the next color!

My first trip I was headed to visit the family in Australia right after, so besides my own pair or Bermuda pink, I got my brother his favourite color of orange, with a matching pocket square, and got the niece and nephew kids ones.

My second trip I got the Sea Glass Green. They perfectly match real sea glass, as well as some of the painted walls in Bermuda.

My third trip, they had come out with the 4″ boaters, and the husband suggested they might be more petite friendly, since they show a bit more leg, so I got a Coopers Blue pair of those.

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Feeling blue? I’ve never really understood why people associate blue with sadness. To me it’s a happy color. The sky, the water, people’s eyes…. I 💙 every shade of blue, and I’ll take navy over black every day of the week. I love places like Santorini where it all crisp whites and multiple shades of blue. I love living on the boat because there’s always so many blue skies and hopefully blue waters. We’re lucky here in the Palm Beaches because sometimes there’s 20 different shades of blue when looking out across the Atlantic. I love sapphires and tanzanite and topaz. I love crisp white linen with blue accents. I even love blue drinks. Make me something with blue curaçao and I’ll sip it! So what’s your happy color? . . Today’s blue’s are a vintage @eddiebauer shirt and Coopers Blue @tabsbermuda with the blue intracoastal waters of #thepalmbeaches @palmharbormarina . . . #blue #50shadesofblue #yachtlife #happycolor #boat #favoritecolor #blueonblue #coopersblue #nofilter #eddiebauer #tabsbermuda #TABSTURNSFIVE

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So now I’m busy plotting my next trip and which pair to get…

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I might be in Australia, but today’s outfit is all Bermuda. Coopers Blue boaties from @TABSbermuda A navy America’s Cup polo from @theenglishsportsshop. I even bought the kids polaroid sunnies in Bermuda. . Even though they’re so far apart, and one is so much larger than the other, I love them because they’re both so similar. Both were founded by the British. Both love rum and consider the Dark & Stormy to be the national drink. (Bundaberg vs Goslings) Rum goes so far back both nations used it as currency. Both are surrounded by water, have a multicultural mix of people, and most importantly, the people in both are warm, loving and friendly. The only real difference is I can get to one in a 3 hour flight and the other takes me at least 2 flights minimum, and about 24 hours. Australia will always be home, and I love her dearly, but it’s fun to find other places that evoke those same feelings of almost being home. 🇦🇺🇧🇲 . . . #bermuda #australia #travel #ootd #tabsbermuda #englishsportsshop #istillcallaustraliahome #traveler #outfit #travel #traveling #vacation #visiting #instatravel #instago #instagood #trip #holiday #tourism #tourist #instapassport #instatraveling #mytravelgram #travelgram #travelingram #igtravel #fashion #style #shrimpwears #petitestyle #tabsturnsfive

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I got an email today that TABS in turning Five! I can’t believe they’re that young, but I’m sure they’re going to be around forever. To celebrate their birthday, they’re giving everyone 10% off for 5 days. Use code “Happy Birthday” at checkout to get your discount. They ship worldwide, so you can get your Bermuda on, even if you can’t make it to the island. 😉

Valid from Thursday, May 24 to Monday, May 28th midnight BDA time.

PSA: I’m not an affiliate or anything, and I won’t get paid if you click the links. I just really love TABS, and I love to support small businesses. They also look fabulous in my Instagram feed!  Plus, they’re super comfortable, fit my petite frame, and I just love them. So support a small company and get yourself a pair.

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Allegedly now available on iTunes

Hey Everyone!

So many of you have asked over the last two years when Allegedly would be available as an eBook. Many of you wanted to save trees, some like to read on the go, and many of you simply couldn’t access the book outside of Australia.

So I’m super excited to announce that Allegedly is now available on iTunes! Just click the book below and it will take you straight to the store.

Thanks for your support everyone.

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Lilly Pulitzer and Pottery Barn

Decorate your house with Lilly!

So y’all know how much I love me some Lilly Pulitzer. Sometimes I wish I could get way more Lilly into my life, and I absolutely drool over yachts that have been decked out in Lilly cushions and fabrics.

So imagine how excited I am to see that Lilly Pulitzer is teaming up with Pottery Barn!

This means there’s going to be home decor! Pillows, Throws, Towels and all kinds of goodies!

Whether you want to add some color with glasses, coasters and a drink tray for cocktails by the pool, or soap and candles for the bathroom, or a pen and stationary, there’s a bit of everything.

Lilly Pulitzer It’s going to be at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn Teens. So whether you want it for yourself, or to make your kids rooms bright and cheery, there’s something for everyone.
Lilly Pulitzer Pottery Barn

There giving away gifts with purchase too.  How cute are these turtle string lights they’re giving away? You’re going to have to be quick though. I remember the last time Lilly did a collaboration. Target had people camping out front from the night before, and their shelves were bare within minutes. I was living in a tiny town in Victoria, TX, which you wouldn’t think would be a hub for Lilly, and even they were empty within a 1/2 hour.


Lilly Pulitzer Pottery Barn

So get online  or head to your local Pottery Barn early. I’ve got my eye on a throw…

Gifts with purchase at! At $75+, get Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn Brands Sea Turtle String Lights; at $275+, get a Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn Brands Throw in Let’s Cha Cha! Valid 3.16 – 3.17

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Wardrobe Staple – White Linen

White linen. Is there anywhere that it looks out of place? You need a few white linen pieces in your wardrobe. I could have my entire capsule wardrobe with just white linen, and add in some colorful accessories. It’s soft, comfortable, and is effortlessly elegant. It always looks classy. You can wear it in Palm Beach, Italy, Sydney, India or Bermuda and everywhere in between. It never goes out of style and you’ll never look back at holiday snaps and ask yourself “what was I wearing?” I’ve got shorts, pants, shirts and dresses that I take everywhere. They match everything, and they’re great for hot places because they breathe, and you can hand wash and they’ll dry quickly in a breeze. This cute @islandcompany dress kept me cool and effortlessly chic for both sightseeing and going out to dinner in Bermuda. Well, it’s actually a tunic, but on petites like me, it’s a full dress. 👍🏽 . . #shrimpwears #islandcompany #whitelinen #resortwear #islandstyle #travelwardrobe #capsulewardrobe

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Yep, white linen is one of my favourite things. When I eventually create my own line, the first collection will be an all linen capsule, with all the essential pieces; shorts, pants, shirt, skirt, shift and blazer. You can then mix and match a few other pieces, and have the perfect summer wardrobe.

Some people are afraid of linen, because it wrinkles so easily, but honestly, that’s part of my love for it. I love that crushed look, just like I love eating messy tacos that leave stuff everywhere.

It’s classic, timeless, and always looks classy. When you see a man or woman in linen, you imagine they must travel to exotic locations, and probably spend time on a yacht. There’s just something old money about it.

I find my white linen shorts are probably one of my most worn items. They go with everything, they wash easily, and they just work. They’re also super comfy. Here’s a selection of pictures to show how versatile they are. Go classic nautical in white and navy, go all white, or add a splash of color. The really are the workhorse of my wardrobe.

Not into shorts? How about white linen pants. These are everywhere at the beginning on spring, and whether you prefer a baggy pair or something more structured, they are the quintessential linen item. If you only own one linen piece, this is probably it.

Tommy Bahama white linen pants and one piece swimsuit

I think a white linen shirt is also a must have. Above I let my bottom half be my neutral, but if you want to be a bit more festive on the bottom, or just want to look super crisp, a linen button down shirt is always a winner.

Linen dresses are comfy, flowy and effortlessly elegant. They go from pool side pina coladas to martinis at the yacht club. Whether you prefer a caftan, a button down dress, or just something breezy, you’ll always look fabulous.

Sometimes wearing white on white linen can make you look like you’re in a cult, so don’t go too bohemian with it, or talk to yourself….

One last pic, because I really do love the white and navy look. I guess it goes with me living on a boat.

Lilly Pulitzer Tunic and navy Lilly shorts

So now that the weather is getting warmer, have a look at linen.

Besides being beautiful, here a few fun internet facts for you.


“In hot weather those dressed in linen clothes are found to show the skin temperature 3°-4°C below that of their silk or cotton-wearing friends”. According to some studies, a person wearing linen clothes perspires 1.5 times less than when dressed in cotton clothes and twice less than when dressed in viscose clothes.”

Linen is a “stiff” fabric and is less likely to cling to the skin; when it billows away, it quickly dries out and becomes cool again. Summer clothes made of linen possess high air permeability, which allows air to flow through the fabric easily and allows the body to breathe.

Woven from the stems of flax, a vegetable fiber. Has twice the strength of cotton. Absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to “breathe”. Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics, making it especially cool and comfortable to wear in the heat.

Looking for some of your own pieces?
Try these: Amazon is so easy because you can order in your PJ’s late at night, they deliver to your door, and if they don’t fit, you can send them back. No weird fitting room lights!



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Closet Cleanout!

Downsizing my wardrobe.

So the Shrimp currently lives in a fifth wheel RV. Here’s a picture of the ShrimpHouse.

The ShrimpHouse.

We downsized from a realhouse a couple years ago. I was stationed out of town and started in a vintage Airstream. When my hubby decided to join me, we got a toyhauler, which was cool for a while, but our needs changed, and we switched over to this bad boy. It’s a Cardinal fifth wheel, and it’s got 3 slideouts. It’s roughly the same square footage inside as my brothers 1 bedroom Sydney apartment. We consider it tiny living, but really, it’s about three times the size of the tiny house that lives where we are parked.

Big bedroom, with plenty of closet storage.
A section with built in drawers.
The kitchen and living area.
There’s even a fireplace, and a massive television pops up in front of those bottles.

We’re not lacking anything in the RV. It’s got a big living area, nice kitchen, with full size residential fridge, dishwasher, 3 burner gas stove, oven and convection microwave. It’s got an electric fireplace, huge pantry, and lots of closet space. A LOT of closet space.

While we’ve loved living in our RV, we’ve decided to start a new adventure, and it means downsizing even further… Which means getting rid of some of the stuff in my closet, because this girl doesn’t have nearly as much room for clothes. Plus, let’s face it, how many clothes will I wearing on it anyway?

Yep, we’re moving on to a boat!

I know it looks big, but that’s just cause I’m so small. She doesn’t look nearly as big once we dropped her in the water. We think our quality of life and adventures are going to grow, but I really need to shrink my outfits. There’s only a tiny amount of hanging lockers, and even less drawers. Good thing I was already planning to design a capsule wardrobe!

So I’m going to start putting up some of my petite clothes on here. There’s a bunch of really nice stuff that I bought for my book tour or other interviews, that I’ve only ever worn once or twice, and I really won’t have use for again. Keep an eye on my instagram @shrimptank and here for my gently used goods.

So, anybody else here live in an RV or on a boat? Let me know in the comments below and tell me how you manage a small wardrobe.



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Small on the Earth

It’s not just what I am, it’s what I want to be.

As a petite person, I find it hard to find small clothes. There are so few people who cater to petites. Some department stores might have petite sections, but it’s all grandma clothes. Some other places have clothes for smaller women, but they’re generally fast fashion outlets that make cheap clothing that will fall apart in a couple of washes.

It’s not just petites that have problems. I know plus size girls also complain about being able to find things that fit that are also stylish. I decided to do something about it, and create my own line.

I discovered some horrible things.

Consumers complain they can’t get certain clothing, but we’re party to blame. As people increasing demand cheaper clothing, faster fashion, and constant variety, people who make clothing are looking for cheaper ways to make this clothing. They’re designing clothes to be disposable. They’re only making certain sizes, because now that they’re outsourcing to places like China, they’re obliged to make 1000 minimum item runs. That doesn’t mean that they make 1000 of a certain item. It means they have to make 1000 of each size, and each color.

So I want to make a 7 piece capsule wardrobe. If I want to be conservative, and make a couple of different color options, say white and blue, I then also have to work out how many sizes I want to make. Do I go with S, M, L or do size 0, 2, 4, etc. If I was to have my clothes manufactured somewhere like China, even if I only do two colours, and S, M and L, I am now looking at 4200 pieces I have to manufacture. For a start up line. How on earth would I sell 4200 items to petites? It’s insane. So if one tiny line has to make 4200 items, imagine what places like Zara or H&M are producing?

I don’t want to make disposable clothing. I want to go back to the days where you had a few beautiful items that you could wear over and over. Things that were slightly more expensive, but that lasted forever. Things that were timeless, and didn’t go out of fashion a week after you bought them. People make fun of preppies, but you’ve got to hand it to them. They’re pretty environmentally friendly when it comes to their wardrobe. They own staple items, and wear them for 20+ years. They mend things. They hand them down. Their stuff doesn’t go out of style. (Well, to them anyway) When my dad was a designer, there was a couple of seasons. Now there are 52.

As I was looking into where I could get small production runs, with high quality fabrics and manufacturing, and devoid of any type of sweatshop labour, I started knowing more and more that I didn’t just want to make small clothes, I wanted to be small on the earth.

There’s an amazing documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost‘ and it can explain the true cost of fashion way better than I can. I already knew I wanted to go small, make lasting clothes, and hopefully, manufacture right here in the US, but this doco reaffirmed everything for me.

Please watch it before you buy your next $5 t shirt.


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Petite Style Tips – V necks

A V neck is always flattering on a petite frame.

I’m only 4’11” and I’m totally fine with rocking my short stature. I don’t feel the need to “dress taller” but I do try to wear clothes that are flattering on my petite frame.

One of the easiest fashion tips for a petite person is to wear v necks. Whether it’s a shirt, a dress, or a swimsuit, a v neck will elongate your neck. Like vertical stripes, it helps to make you look long and lean. Whether you’re flat chested or have full figured, the v neck is still flattering.

Eva Longoria is 5'2". She's wearing a plunging v neck dress, and t-strap shoes. Both are considered elongating for petites.

Eva Longoria is 5’2″. She’s wearing a plunging v neck dress, and t-strap shoes. Both are considered elongating for petites. The one solid color is also flattering on shorter ladies.

I’ve found a couple examples on Amazon of both short and long v neck dresses, that would totally match Eva’s style.

One of my favourite brands, Anatomie Style has a top that hits all the right notes for petites. A v neck, vertical stripes, and one colour. Paired with pair of black pants, or a short black skirt, it will be flattering, and a great addition to your petite wardrobe.

Lara Lace

Way back when many of Hollywood’s finest were petite women, they knew how to dress. You’d have never known that Liz Taylor was only 5’2″ when she was on screen. Here she is, wearing a flowing v neck caftan. You can find one to suit you over in the SHOP section.

This swimsuit has a plunging v neck, as well as vertical cutout detailing. This makes the eye go up and down the body, creating the illusion of length.





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FYI, This page contains affiliate links, and if you click on them, I might make money.

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Anatomie Summer Sale

Get 20% off Anatomie

Anatomie is having a 20% of summer sale. I got an email from them this morning about a sale on their clothing, which was funny, because my Facebook memory today was of our trip to Europe last year, where I packed almost all Anatomie clothes for my trip.

anatomie sale

Last year while on a trip to Miami, I went to the Anatomie warehouse store, and got to see ALL of their clothes. The place was pretty amazing. While they’re not petite specific, they did have a lot of petite friendly items. They also had a seamstress at that store, so that if you found a pair of pants you liked, they would hem them right there to make them fit properly. Now that’s customer service! I wanted a capsule wardrobe for Europe, because I was carrying a backpack only. I got two pair of pants, the Kate Skinny Cargo in Navy and the Andrea Contrast Panel Legging.  Neither one needed hemming for me. The leggings were so comfortable for the plane ride, but still looked dressy enough while sitting in Business class and the lounges.

I got three tops, all in white. The Trina, a Bailey Jacket and a blossom top, which is long lace mesh sleeves. Even though it was going to be hot, a lot of places we were going to be visiting required sleeves. The mesh is great, because you’re covered, but can stay cool.

Trina Racerback Tank and Bailey Mesh Jacket over top.
Trina Racerback Tank and Bailey Mesh Jacket over top in Tuscany, Italy.
Trina Racerback Tank in Santorini
Trina Racerback Tank in Santorini
Andrea Contrast Pants in Italy
Andrea Contrast Pants at the Colosseum.
Kate Skinny Cargo Pants in Germany
Kate Skinny Cargo Pants in Germany

The pants could be hand washed in a hotel sink and hung up at night, and we dry the next morning. Same with the tops. The mesh jacket dries in about an hour!

Great for travel. Call and ask them which are the more petite friendly styles. They’ve got great customer service.


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Another beautiful day in South Florida

Staying cool in a caftan.

One of the perks of living in South Florida is the beautiful weather all year long. In winter, it’s fairly warm in the day and cools off at night. In Spring and Autumn, it’s gloriously perfect. Summer the sun shines, and we get the daily thunderstorm roll through to add to the humidity. It can get a little too hot during the heat of the day, but that’s where the local dress code is a win.

Unlike some places where they wear their jeans all year long, down in places like Palm Beach, everyone slips into something a little more comfortable. Shift dresses and caftans are everywhere. Bright colors, and crisp white are de rigeur. Palm Beach was the home of Lilly Pulitzer, and her spirit hasn’t left the island. Wearing bright colors makes you feel happy. There’s no being a wallflower in a kaleidoscope print.

Palm Beach has more preppy pastels with splashes of bright pinks, but as you head south towards Miami, the colors, like the people, get a little louder.merv

When I was there last week, it was like Miami had issued a uniform. Almost every single lady was moving between the beaches and bars in soft flowing caftans of every length, color and pattern imaginable. It was magical. All these women, flowing around in soft fabrics. Some had plain, short, sheer cover ups to show off their sexy bikinis underneath, others had long silky caftans that looked more like etherical evening gowns. Everyone looked so comfortable, even in the stifling heat. The caftans dry quickly, even when put over a wet bikini. The few people walking around in cut off jeans had wet patches that looked super uncomfortable. The best part about a pretty caftan is I can walk straight from the beach, over to the bars, and get myself a pina colada, and I don’t have to go back to my hotel and change first. You can also tie your caftan back or go one shouldered and make it look like a sexy dress for clubbing after the sun goes down. Everyone had completely different patterns and lengths, so no two women looked alike. It was a beautiful thing to observe.

South Florida is full of resorts. No resort wear wardrobe is complete without the staple caftan.

So  if you’re headed to South Florida, do yourself a favour and grab yourself a caftan or two. It’ll be the most versatile piece in your luggage.

If you’re like me and have trouble finding a caftan to fit your petite frame, I’ve curated a collection of both long and short caftans that will all fit a petite. Check out my Petite Caftan Fit Guide to see how long each length caftan is on an actual petite person, and then find something in your style at the Shop.