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Need some petite basics, or not so basics? The shop has a curated selection of petite items.

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Love to travel? So do I! Follow my adventures here.

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Wanna enjoy the Palm Beach lifestyle? Come aboard the
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Shrimp story

 The 🦐Shrimp  is symbolic of many things, but most importantly, it represents the mantra of Small on the Earth. 

In this world where everything bigger is better, we’re trying to get back to being small. Small wardrobe, small footprint, small sizes. 😉



Founded by Sarah Monahan, Shrimptank is focused  on helping petites find their small clothes to fill their small closets. 

Sarah is 4’11” (150cms) and knows how hard it is to find clothes and shoes that fit. 

Buy directly from the shop, or see her recommendations for petite fashions in the travels section.  


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