Shrimptank is dedicated to petite fashion.

Sarah M, the Shrimp.

There’s a huge group of us that have been largely ignored by fashion. Short girls. If you’re short and really slender, you might get away with shopping in the kids section. Some places cater to a slightly more petite clientele, but are generally not clothes you’d wear out and about everyday, but would certainly work for clubbing. Even trying the petite section at one of the big department stores can be hit or miss. There seems to be a misconception that only old people shop there.

So I’m on a quest to bring you petite clothes that you’ll actually want to wear.

Living in beautiful South Florida, I’m quite partial to resort wear. Expect lots of that here, but I’ll also cover all the other styles as well. I’m a big traveler, so any kind of travel wear, or capsule wardrobe ideas I’m also a big fan of. Expect to see shoes and accessories that complement our petite frames.

I’m currently dreaming of my own fashion empire. Not really, but I am planning on having a very small line of Shrimptank apparel. Things I really want to wear myself, and have such a hard time finding, I’m just going to produce them myself. I’ve been surveying my fellow Shrimpy gal pals, and finding out what they’d like to see. Hopefully you’ll like my collection when it’s finally available.

In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line, say hi, or let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see here.

me2About Sarah.

Sarah started her life in fashion as a three year old. Her dad was a fashion designer, and she was his in house model. Soon she was walking runways, being featured in catalogues, and was even on billboards. Thankfully she moved onto acting, ’cause as an adult she only grew to be 4’11” and there’s not a chance she’d be asked to strut her stuff in a couture gown at a fashion show today.
Being a shrimp doesn’t mean she doesn’t love clothes.  After retiring from acting, and having recently published a memoir about it, she decided to go back to her roots. Consider this her happy place.