Petite Clothing

I’m 4’11”, or 150cm which is pretty short. When I was in my 20’s, I could fit into kids clothing, but as my bust and waist expanded, I needed to find adult clothes that actually fit my curves.

Lots of fast fashion places cater to smaller framed peeps, but who wants something you’ll wear once and throw away, or that will fall apart after one wash? I love brands that make clothes that last. The trick is to buy classic items, and throw in some accessories or add a shirt in this seasons pantone color, but don’t buy into fashion. You’ll love it today, and won’t wear it again in a year. Spend a little bit more on quality items upfront, take care of them, and you won’t have to spend money every week buying new stuff.

Petite Specific Brands

These are brands designed specifically for petites, not just a shrunken version of a regular line. 


Sugopetite Landscape Logo

Slow, sustainable fashion designed specifically for the petite frame. 

They utilize state-of-the art, recycled PET, Chitosante fabric, and our 100% cotton, upcycled denim comes from a sustainable textile manufacturer in Guatemala that has engineered a closed-loop manufacturing process to minimize waste.

Classic styles that never go out of trend, go from day to night, and are built to last for years as a staple of your wardrobe.

Read about their sustainability ethos here. 

together segal

When I was at a fabric show in NYC a few years ago, looking at fabrics for Shrimptank, someone said to me, “You need to meet the twins, they’re creating the exact same thing you are.”

I met Amy and Melissa, and we were in fact, both looking to create a small capsule for petites out of linen. Only difference is I wanted crisp white and a couple colors, and they wanted more earthy tones. 

I’m so excited to see that they actually launched their line. It looks beautiful, and they’re made in small batches in Austin, TX. They’ve actually done the thing, and I’m so glad one of did! 

I look forward to getting a few of these for myself. 

Brands with Petite Sections

Eileen Fisher

EILEEN FISHER, Inc. Launches VISION2020 Campaign Detailing the First Five Years of its Push Towards 100% Sustainability

Eileen Fisher started with the intention of being a sustainable brand, back before that was a thing. Four items, in linen, and grew from there. 

They’re not greewashed like many brands, they exist to provide sustainable solutions, and provide real living wages to their producers. 

If you’re looking for a tru minimalist wardrobe, with simple, classic pieces, all ethically and sustainably made, this is your place. These pieces won’t go out of style, and can be worn season after season. Think Coastal Grandma. 

Read about their extensive list of business practices here



Sustainable Women's Clothing and Accessories | Reformation

While Eileen Fisher goes more flowy and maybe for an older demographic, Reformation is full of fitted, dressy styles, perfect for the office or a date night. 

They’ve got an extensive petites collection, and are open about their sustainability practices. 


Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer launches new look and website as it seeks to grow in the UK | TGO Magazine

I liked Eddie Bauer so much, I ended up working there for the discount. You have to order petites online, unless someone makes a return to the store and you get lucky. Not every item comes in petite either, but the majority of things do. Do NOT wait for clearance. The petite stuff goes really quick. Especially in smaller sizes.  

The other reasons I love Bauer is they give back to the community, and they are trying their best to become green. 

Also, they’re dog friendly. Take your pup into the store, and they’ll probably get a treat!

I’ve got clothing from here that’s almost 20 years old. Most of it is timeless outdoor wear, it’s comfortable, and made to last. It won’t fall apart after the 3rd wash. The only reason I let some of it go is I got chubby, and it was all still in such good shape, it deserved a new home. Still my go to store for comfortable outdoor gear, especially cargo pants, or any pants with pockets, (They believe girls deserve pockets too!) and anything in down. Jackets, vests, blankets, etc. 

LL Bean

File:L.L.Bean wordmark.svg - Wikipedia

During a very cold trip to Boston, I found LL Bean. I love their cargo pants, their fleece jackets, and of course, their boots. 

My absolute favourite item is the stretch cargo pant, and I buy them each time they come out with a new color. Their petites actually fit me, although I do roll the bottom of the regular size pants twice, and they fit just fine. 

Classic, NE prep outerwear. You’ll be warm and look good too. Bonus goes to Bean for their sustainability efforts, their social impacts, and the fact they still make a portion of their products in the USA. 



Boden “refreshes identity” with new logo

When you look at the Boden website, you immediately think This is something Kate Middleton would wear and in fact, she’s been snapped in at least seven of their pieces. 

Clothes are designed in the UK.

It’s very classy, with lots of pretty dresses, separates, and kids clothes. So you can have the perfect family snap, all looking very preppy and princessy, and knowing it’s another sustainable brand. King Charles would be proud. 

Don’t forget that recycled clothing is super sustainable. I’ve found some of my favourite pieces in thrift stores, even things I’ve worn on red carpets have been found in second hand stores. It’s a fun treasure hunt going through a real life thrift store looking for that unique item. It can be harder if you’re petite though, or need something specific. 

You can also easily search online for exactly what you want at places like Poshmark and ThredUp. search by brand, colour, size, etc.

I got a petite lambs wool coat from LL Bean I’d been dreaming of for $30 instead of $200 on Poshmark. Someone got to clean out some space, make a bit of cash, and I got a bargain on a great coat. I put a lot of my clothes that don’t fit anymore on Poshmark.


Jobs at Poshmark

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