Shrimp Wardrobe

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Petite Hangers

Wish you had petite sized hangers for your petite sized clothes? We all know there’s regular sized hangers, which seems too big for our clothes, and they end up making little dents in the top of our sleeves, or we try to use kids hangers, which are too small, and our clothes fall off them.

So I did some searching, and it turns out there is a company called Only Hangers that makes both Petite and Junior sized hangers. They have petite wooden hangers, petite plastic hangers, petite slim velvet hangers, petite satin hangers and a couple more styles of petite hangers.

They even have a video explaining the difference between hanger sizes.

You can buy them from Hangers Direct, or if you’re a fan of Amazon, you can find good deals on there too. 

I bought a bunch of these, and not only were they great for my clothes, but if you live in a small space, or have a weird sized wardrobe, like we did on the boat, they’re perfect. I even hung my husband’s business shirts on these in his locker.