Apocalypse Kitchen

So living out in the middle of nowhere is kinda like living in those fabulous dystopian movies we all love. When I watch them though, they’re always eating 20 year old cans of beans, and I’m screaming at the TV that they’re gonna get sick.

I’m not a prepper, but I am certainly prepared. I’ve also spent years working in kitchens, and I’ve got a good handle on how to cook in both industrial kitchen, in small yacht galleys, and cooking over an open fire in the bush.

So I thought I do some YouTube videos showing how we should really be eating when the end comes. Or, when you’re camping, or sailing, or just live out back of Burke like me.

I’ll be using a blend of fresh foods and longlife/freeze dried foods, and probably showing off some of my cooler gadgets that I love along the way.

The food may not be sexy, but it is delicious.

Here’s one of my videos. Go hit the subscribe button so you can see all the other weird stuff I make.

If you’re interested in trying the Thrive Life freeze dried stuff, you can find it here. They’ll give you 15% off if you use this referral link.

The adorable pink hot pot I show is from Itaki.

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