I’m not a “prepper” but…

Ok, so maybe I am totally a prepper if you’re looking at the pantry I have on our property in Texas. But we’re an hour from a grocery store, so it’s more about being prepared, than being a prepper.

But even when I’m in town, I like to have a stockpile of food, because you just never know what might happen. I’m not talking zombie apocalypse, but supply chain issues, chaos from government shutdowns, and pandemic lockdowns. It’s also good to have food on hand in case you’re caught up in all these mass layoffs. If you’ve got a couple months supply of food stocked up, at least that’s one less bill to worry about while you’re looking for your next job.

So today I made a video on how you can slowly and with a current financial crisis budget in mind, slowly stockpile a supply of food to keep you going, should anything happen.

The cans of freeze dried foods are from Thrive Life. There’s lots of brands out there, these are just the ones we really like. We’ve been buying them for about 10 years, and I do actually use them, not just stockpile them for a rainy day.

I’m on the monthly plan, where I can pick and choose what I want each month, and they mail it to me. It’s super convenient. Every month they have specials, and I usually grab a couple of those. Who doesn’t want to save money?

I’ve got a coupon code that helps both of us if you use it. https://www.thrivelife.com/invite/NDA4NjY2/

If you order with this code, they’ll give you 15% off your first monthly order, and I get a 10% credit for my next order.

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