Shoe sizing consistency?

It’s normally clothes that we have trouble with, since there’s no consistent size guides anywhere in the world.

Usually with European to US sizing, there’s about a half size discrepancy, with some people saying a 34 is equivalent to a size 3 kids, or 4 Ladies, and some people claiming the same with a 35.

Normally the Japanese size is spot on, because it’s an actual measurement, and it gets pushed over to the others well. But even then, I can be a 4, 4.5 or a 5 in ladies shoes, depending on the brand.

Normally when it comes to kids, they’re much more consistent. I’m a 3 in almost every brand. Until today.

I was going to order some crocs for the galley kitchen, because the Sperry’s I got are super uncomfortable. (Well, the ONE I can wear right now with the brace on the other foot) and I really wanted the Birkenstock Boston’s, but apparently they’re not currently being made in size 34.

So other yacht chefs told me the crocs were good, so I got online yesterday and was looking around, and then thought I better print out their size guide, just in case.

I’m glad I did, because I’d have ordered a size 3, and according to their size chart, I’m closer to a size 5, which I have never been anywhere else before in youth sizes. Unless they just skip the overlap and go straight from kids to adults, which would make them both unique and awesome. But, their guide says it’s a Junior 5, so then I’m confused again.

Crocs printout shoe guide

The Birkenstocks I ordered came with a handy size guide inside their box, so I decided to compare them. They’re not even close.

According to the Birkenstock guide, I’m a 34, and owning a pair, I can tell you they fit perfectly. They correlate the size as
EU 34 – US 3-3.5 – UK 2 – MM 220 so according to this, I should be a size 3 in US sizes, maybe a 3.5

Birkenstock guide from inside their shoe box.

But the crocs printout tells me I’m a 5 when I step on it. I actually went and put the quarter on the circle just to make sure it was printed to scale.

Just to make it more confusing, the chart has the conversions as well, and according to that, I am also a size 3…. so now I don’t know whether to believe the conversion chart, or the foot foot measuring chart.

I guess I’ll just have to go to a real store and try some on and see.

Anyone else have this problem? Crocs or any other brand?


Online size conversion guide for Crocs

I probably shouldn’t have pulled the foot out of the sock and brace for this photo, they’re look pretty gnarly! Excuse the ugly foot. 🦶

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