What to Wear

Real talk.

It’s always fun going on TV, or going to a movie premiere and having your photo taken. 

But let’s face it, it’s different for boys and girls. 

Men can turn up in pants and a T shirt, and wear the same one to every event, and nobody bats an eye.

Women on the other hand are expected to front up in a cocktail dress and heels for a 5 minute chat on a morning show, and heaven forbid they ever wear the same thing twice. That would get everyone chatting, in the wrong way. 

But it’s ridiculous. First of all, women should be allowed to turn up wearing whatever they’re comfortable in. If they want to wear nice pants and sneakers to a morning show, they should. 

Second of all, who is paying for all those outfits? Mother Nature. 

Buying an outfit to only wear once is ridiculous. Not just for your bank account, but think of all the clothing that women buy to only throw away. 

Fashion is one of the most polluting things on the planet. We should all be comfortable buying things we will wear many many times, and then actually doing that. 

I came out with a very small amount of clothes. I like to travel light. I was going to be here for two weeks, so only brought a few pairs of pants, 3 sweaters and three shirts. 

Then I attended some premieres, and thankfully I was staying in Newtown, so I thrifted some dresses. Super cute, easy on the wallet, and I didn’t have to feel bad I was buying something new.

I have bought a couple new pairs of pants, but they are ones I’ll wear all the time, as well as a couple washable merino wool sweaters, which I will also wear non stop. So I don’t feel bad about buying sustainable fabrics that I’ll wear till they fall apart. 

But tomorrow I’m going on The Morning Show. A quick chat, in the AM, and I’m searching for what to wear. 

I’m not going to wear a cocktail dress and heels. That’s just not me. Especially at 10am. 

So I’m going to exercise some gender equality, and wear pants and a top. Something I’m totally comfortable in, and something that I’d actually wear all the time. If I’m going to be talking about me, I think I should also look like me. 

The Shrimptank mantra is “Small on the Earth” I try to live it. Every day. 

So here’s my options for tomorrow. I’m going to let y’all vote on what I wear tomorrow. Pick from 1-12. Outfit with the most votes is what I’ll wear. 

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