How to Change Your Mind

I had been watching Netflix, and had it on pause for a while, and it started showing me screenshots of a bunch of different shows. I kept seeing this one called How To Change Your Mind, and I figured it’d be something about meditation or life affirmations on how to change your mid in stuff like politics.

It turns out, it’s a four part series on psychedelics and how people see the world differently after taking them.

I recently had a conversation with someone who told me they took some psychedelics to heal after a sexual assault, and how it worked for them. Gwyneth had an episode on her show about people traveling to Jamaica to take them to also heal from traumas.

This series wasn’t just a show about taking drugs, it actually had a fascinating historical perspective on how things like LSD started, and how they were used for healing purposes before the 1960’s free love movement took it out of healing facilities with careful monitoring and then Nixon came down and hated anyone who was free thinking, and started the War On Drugs.

As someone who hasn’t done any interesting drugs, apart from trying pot a couple times, I found the whole series fascinating. It’s only four episodes long, and each one focuses on a different psychedelic. The fourth episode was my favourite, as it dealt with peyote and whether non Native Americans should use it.

The series isn’t just about drugs, it’s about how people who take these substances become connected to the earth in a way that most people aren’t. They see plants breathe. They understand how the earth gives us life. How we’re all connected. Someone back in the black & white days suggested we should put it in the water supply to make everyone calmer and get along more. In this time of everyone fighting and growing division, it might not be a bad idea.

I gave this series two thumbs us 👍👍. because it’s not just a documentary on healing with natural substances, but about our environment and how we can all be connected to it.

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